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With over 20 years experience, we've assisted schools and businesses across the UK get the most out of their IT and excel with leading solutions. Thanks to our expert team you can have peace of mind that your investments are effective and protected.

Whether it's advice or a device - you'll always get the best price.

Thanks to our amazing expert team here at AIT, our specialists are on hand to help you flourish. Since 2000 we’ve been supporting Schools & MATs not only day-to-day but also there as an impartial advisor on new projects or device procurement. Our flexible and agile approach means your investments are always protected and future-proofed with careful planning and DfE approved frameworks.

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Support, not sales

When it comes to consultancy and procurement, it can sometimes feel like you’re being bombarded with a heavy sales pitch. That’s not our approach. Our DfE approved frameworks ensure that you’re always on the right path with both short and long term goals. It’s always our job to give you the best possible advice, procure the very best possible price and support.

Improvement Planning

Whether you're looking to repurpose existing IT equipment and networking we can assist you in assessing your needs and create a future proof plan which delivers on budget and capabilities.

Project Planning

We can carefully curate Disaster Recovery Plans and fully project plan ensuring that your organisation meets the latest compliance procedures and regulations. In fact, we have a dedicated team member to ensure we are always reviewing the latest regulations across a all of our sectors we support with!

IT Audits

Whether it's an overview of your entire Trust, or a single site School it's important to get a comprehensive insight into what's going on. Our IT Audits give you exactly that. We'll work with you to discover your goals and create a comprehensive Audit that gives you long term frameworks.


Clear transparent pricing. Thanks to our finance partners, not only can we help procure IT equipment that’s cost effective and future-proofed – we can offer competitive leasing terms that work with your school as a long term solution. Our dedicated install teams will have everything covered for you, so you’ll have full peace of mind.

Preferred Partners

From Dell to Apple, as preferred partners for many key suppliers in the education industry we're committed to always providing the very best pricing. Our education team can give you the very best advice on iPads, Chromebooks, Laptops or Desktops and find the best solution that works for you.

One to One Devices

As more Schools move to a one-to-one device strategy, we can help consult and prepare you for the switch to this model. You'll benefit from our leasing, marketing and expert education team who will work alongside your senior leaders to deliver the model.

Flexible Leasing Options

We understand you'll want to maximise your budgets as much as possible hence why we work with leasing & finance partners to enable you to create long term solutions when sourcing IT equipment

Why are we different?

It’s easy to say ‘we are different, you should work with us’, and we appreciate that when it comes to IT consultancy for your School or MAT and device procurement it can sometimes feel overwhelming – especially with all the jargon! That’s why we’ve worked tirelessly developing a model that works, and we are always reviewing it alongside the latest DfE guidance to make sure it benefits you direct.

We understand the pressure and constraints Schools & MATs are under, especially those of time and money. That’s why things like our IT Audits are designed to give you a clear visual view of where everything is at, and build a framework moving forward.

When it comes to procurement, we appreciate that it can feel like a minefield thanks to the ever evolving world of technology! As the number of students and teachers using cloud-connected devices grows, so do the demands on the devices they use. We’ll work alongside you to fully understand your needs, and ensure that the EdTech you choose is supported and teachers feel empowered to deliver the curriculum in more engaging ways.

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Got questions? No query is ever too big or small for our team. Get in touch and one of our education experts will be in touch. We like to work seamlessly, once we understand your requirements we’ll get on with the job so you can concentrate on your School or MAT, knowing you’re in safe hands. 

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