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Should the worst happen, it's vital to know that not only is your infrastructure compliant but that the right planning is in place to make sure everything is backed up as it should be.

Are you protected?

A reliable backup solution is vital in ensuring the continued smooth running of Schools and MATs for the protection of lesson material and pupil data. Thanks to The AIT Cloud, our technology can help you reduce IT costs whilst increasing system resilience, productivity and flexibility.

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Protected every second of every day

Our backup service stores your data daily at our fully owned data centres, where you can access everything remotely from anywhere safely and securely.

Fully Auotmated

Our automated system ensures a secure backup of your schools data everyday. AIT expert technicians monitor our systems 24/7/365 to make sure everything is just as it should be.

Fully Compliant

Our fully owned data centres are ISO 270001 compliant, meaning every layer of security is there to protect your school.

Cost Effective

Unlike traditional methods our AIT cloud is much more cost effective, and more secure.

Pricing that works

Clear transparent pricing. Because we fully own our data centres it means we can offer exceptional pricing and exceptional service.

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24/7/365 SUPPORT

Seamless Free Migration

Moving to AIT Cloud managed backups couldn’t be easier. In fact it’s as easy as 1,2,3,4.

  1. Audit: Our experts will thoroughly audit and review your current backup systems for free with absolutely no obligation to choose our services. We’ll provide an analysis and suggest the most suitable options for your schools backup systems and disaster recovery planning
  2. Installation: Once we’ve reviewed your audit, we’ll make the move to improve your schools backup and security. The AIT team will handle all your data in a safe and sensitive manner.
  3. Migration: We’ll migrate everything to AIT Cloud completely free. Prior to migration our teams will create a roadmap approved by you to make sure everything is as it should be.
  4. Support: Now you’re up and running, you’ll benefit from our 24/7/365 support and management of the AIT Cloud.

The Education Cloud

Technology is changing quickly in education. And it’s the key to delivering the best possible learning experience for every student you teach. With devices more accessible than ever, and the rising adoption of 1:1 programmes in schools and colleges, personalised learning experiences are now a reality.

You need connectivity that’s fit for cloud based learning. Students can learn in the way that suits them; using a wealth of cloud-based apps and internet resources. Teachers can use classroom management apps to get better visibility of student progress. Not to mention enabling more ways to set, assess and give meaningful feedback on work.

As the number of students and teachers using cloud-connected devices grows, so do the demands on your internet connection. Technology is empowering but it can only ever be as good as your connectivity.

The Education Cloud is designed specifically for Schools to give affordable access to advanced technology. Our connectivity network is dedicated entirely to UK Schools & MATs. If you choose our filtering services, you’ll be able to manage your safeguarding options on one central dashboard. Combining cutting edge technology with world-leading filtering and security services including IPS intrusion scanning, our unique hosted system makes purchasing and maintaining on site equipment a cost of the past.

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Got questions? No query is ever too big or small for our team. Get in touch and one of our education experts will be in touch. We like to work seamlessly, once we understand your requirements we’ll get on with the job so you can concentrate on your School or MAT, knowing you’re in safe hands. 

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