Empowering your team


Get the most from your IT hardware and ensure your team are empowered in how they use their tech. Our friendly team can train and develop your staff through a range of dynamic training solutions.

Futureproof & Empower your team

Here at AIT we have over 20 years experience in the IT network and service industry, and we are fully committed to ensuring all of our Schools and MATs we serve get the very best in support and service. We understand that you’ll want your staff and colleagues to feel empowered when using hardware and that’s why we offer bespoke training both on-site and remotely to ensure you’re all getting the very best from your products and services.

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Bespoke Training Solutions

Whether it’s training on new equipment, or moving your team towards cloud based models; we appreciate how quickly technology changes and the importance of knowing your team is getting the very most from it. The AIT team is made up on former teachers, business owners and industry experts; meaning that we can deliver dynamic training which impacts both culture and overall technology use in your school and across your network.

On Site Training

We'll work round you and come directly to site to deliver engaging training days which leave staff feeling empowered and driven! We don't believe in standard training methods, instead our team will deliver something that's both fun yet resourceful!

Remote Training

Our remote training sessions are more than just a teams call. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we adapted quickly to deliver exceptional training ensuring every member of staff was fully prepared. We've now developed this further to develop training sessions anywhere, anytime.


We've found some of the most impactful training has been through simulation instead of delivering barrages of materials. It's always an honour to see post-training our methodology being used and staff flourishing.

National Computing Framework

We'll help you with the DfE National Computing Framework and ensure your IT offering is up to standard, not only does this ensure the right paperwork is done for OFSTED, it also encourages you to think about the practices you have in place

EdTech & App Support

There is always a new app which claims to make teaching better. That's why we have a team here doing all the research for you to find out what will really work for your curriculum and help enhance deliverability

Device Planning

Are you getting the most from your devices and your IT investments? Working with leading partners from like Clevertouch & BenQ we can curate dynamic training so everyone is getting the most from their classroom devices.

Can training really help?

For us, we think that continued training and development around your IT offering can empower every single user…even those who are adverse to new technologies! Technology can be used to enhance productivity, remove unnecessary admin and transform the way in which the curriculum is delivered. We pride ourselves on working with DfE frameworks to enable you to deliver the curriculum in the most engaging ways for every type of learner.

Our training isn’t ‘run of the mill’. We want to change the culture in which IT is viewed so teachers can harness its power to better deliver and give them more time! We believe in inspiring training which is dynamic, engaging and thought provoking – in fact some of our team who deliver the training have had former careers in TV!

Lets Talk

Got questions? No query is ever too big or small for our team. Get in touch and one of our education experts will be in touch. We like to work seamlessly, once we understand your requirements we’ll get on with the job so you can concentrate on your School or MAT, knowing you’re in safe hands. 

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