Why should your School or Business move to Managed IT Support?

It’s a question that our new clients always ask when first looking at the option of moving to fully managed IT support, and one which is met with apprehension and nervousness at the potential costs involved. However these fears are usually left unfounded once Schools and Businesses make the switch to outsource their IT services.

With most schools and businesses being IT-reliant, it means that managing the security & infrastructure is a full time task, along with ensuring the reliability and functionality of the network for end-point users. At Advanced IT Services, our clients are at the heart of everything we do…and we are always driven to tailor managed solutions for your School and Business which genuinely fit your needs; simply because we understand that no two businesses or schools are ever the same.

We over 3 core categories of IT Support services, from On-Demand IT Support, Remote Support and Fully Managed IT Support. Depending on your requirements and needs, one category may suit your School or Business better; but what are the benefits of Managed IT Support?

Keep your data Safe & Secure

Loosing IT capabilities due to technical, human error or natural disasters for any amount of time leads to downtime for your staff and users which can often lead to devastating effects. Data is the crux of many Businesses and Schools and if you suffer data loss or data breaches, you may only realise how important it is when its too late. Our latest cloud-based solutions mean we manage clients data so its safe and secure, regardless of what disruptive event may occur.

Enhance your Cyber Security

Did you know that over 80% of cyber attacks are aimed towards small businesses, and almost half of UK small companies have experienced some form of cyber attack within the last 12 months. The increase in cyber attacks and intensity of their impact means that there has never been a more crucial time to ensure your IT systems are being proactively managed and monitored 24/7/365.

Via outsourcing your IT provision, you’re ensuring the safety of your IT systems because we are always keeping up to date with the latest technologies, have a support team on site 24/7/365 and constantly investing into the newest software protections.

Reliable & Performance driven IT

Streamlining your IT Operations, whether that be across multiple sites, remote working solutions or in-house means you always need to ensure planned maintenance and updates should always be central to your IT strategy. By outsourcing your IT systems, we remove this stress from you and take care of everything which means your staff and users can always rely on your systems working without waiting for new updates to install. We provide our of hours services to ensure your systems are guarded against any problems that may arise around the clock. Thanks to our fully owned UK data centres, our continuous investment into our own infrastructure and networks mean that you’ll benefit from being part of the AIT client base and always have access to the latest updates, software and tech as they arise.

Your Expert Support Team

Our experts are an eclectic bunch with a plethora of knowledge within the IT sector and specific industry knowledge ranging from education, ecommerce to finance and insurance. What does that mean for you? Well, it means you always have access to an expert support team 24/7, 365 days of the year! As more businesses and schools embrace remote working, we work with you to ensure users are always empowered and your IT networks can easily support remote working options. And you’re always safe in the knowledge that we support you, with no request or query ever being too big or small.


There is a common myth that outsourcing your IT support can be a costly and laborious experience, but over 65% of our clients reported direct savings within the first 6 months of becoming an AIT client. Why? Our cloud based solutions, software partnerships and data centres mean we always offer the most competitive pricing along with exemplarily service and commitment to your School or Business. Our team will work with you to assess your needs, survey your sites and ensure that your tech is both future proof and that we build a solution which maximises your IT budget whilst never compromising on performance and service. We’ve also partnered with some of the leading leasing partners which means should you require system upgrades or new tech, we’ll get you some of the best leasing deals available.

You’ll find that outsourcing your IT management will streamline and simplify your systems whilst optimising their performance…whilst usually getting the most from your budgets! If you’d like to learn more about what Advanced IT Services can offer your school or business, get in touch with our team.

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